About Me

I love my family more than anything: my sweet family of 6, my family of origin, my in laws, and my extended family.  I don't know how I have it so good to have lucked out like I have.
Meet Dan (the love of my life).  When we met I realized that he was a trophy husband and snatched him right up (right.  There was a lot involved.  I know you can't just snatch someone).

From these happy folks to these happy folks: 

I may have a few city miles on me, but he's none the worse for the wear, no?

We have four brilliant kiddos aging from 7 to 1 and they are the best challenge and blessing we've ever had.

Although several things motivated the beginning of this blog, one major contributor was my recovery from brain surgery.  It became so difficult for me to embrace life and get healthy again that I gained an appreciation for how beautiful my daily life really is.  I also learned to appreciate what others with anxiety, depression, and health issues live with.  I've been blessed to come out of that on top, and want to share hope and help for others who struggle like I have.  I also want to shed a little light on how beautiful life (especially with family) is through my changed perspective.

I believe being happy really is a mixture of overcoming and choosing to be grateful and optimistic about what you have. A strong belief in God makes that possible, giving sweet relief and guidance to the soul.  I think a healthy dose of distraction is also quite essential in our quest for happiness.  I hope that my words are uplifting, and that you're better for having visited.  Thanks for stopping by!

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