February 25, 2010

Chores, Shmores

I'm sure that you've tried to get your kids to do their chores, and though I've not found the secret that inspires them to move rather than continue on in distraction, I have found two chores that my sweet toddlers do, and do well enough.

The first, sorting the silverware (sans knives and other risky tools), which they love doing, and it takes almost as much time as I do to unload the whole dishwasher.  Much better than having them running circles around me (and th island in my kitchen ) which is good exercise, but hard on their legs when they bang into my open dishwasher door.

The second, would be helping me sort through and reorganize their toy closet.  I realize that I'm probably not the only one with a toy closet that is packed full enough to occasionally erupt.  After a while, I notice that my kiddos just kind of stop playing with their toys, not because they love to run and imagine, but because it's a liability to open the toy closet.  And they've no idea what's in there anymore.  Case in point:


and after, with a few nails in the wall to keep us organized:

Where did all of those toys go?  You may ask yourself.  We've adopted a 3 month cycling system to keep our toys new, and parents sane.  We've put away a bag full of toys, and in about three months or so, we'll bring them out again and cycle the current ones out.  This system could actually keep our kids playing with all of their toys year round, without needing to add any new ones!  It's a great method (thanks, Kricket for the idea!).
 As Americans we have an abounding supply of toys that probably overwhelms our kids anyhow.  Not complaining, just thinking...  I'd love to know what you do to keep your toys organized and loved!