November 5, 2013

Gifties for 4 year olds

For my CTR 4 class (an instructional primary class for our youth in the LDS faith, more here: which has about 7 boys and only one girl (how's that for rowdy?), I wanted to give them a little treat to remind them of the example of faith and defenders of truth that they can be.  Of course it was filled with little treats, but there was an element of Captain America there that I knew they identified with and loved. In a way defending the truth and right is a like Captain America, so I thought it would be a fitting combo (with the CTR shield, obviously instead of the Avengers round shield).  They LOVED it, and it was super easy because I used my Cameo to cut them out (but hello, pillow boxes are the ultimate easy and simple box even if you hand cut them).  The glitter vinyl topped them off, and when I delivered them, it was like passing out Christmas presents!  Enjoy:

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