April 16, 2014

Brilliant with boxen

If you appreciate Brian Regan, you know what boxen are.  Essentially my boys dominated with the boxen today, much to the chagrin of my husband (who will be seeing this for the first time here.  Hehe love you honey).

We have a steep hill in our back yard that is almost impossible to grow grass on.  Not only because it doesn't hold water for long enough to get into the roots, but also because our kids think it's their personal playground.  Why a hill?  Not easy to stay on there.  Not easy to do anything but awkwardly gallop down it.  And yet they continue to try to roll down the hill, tearing up the meager grass in the process.

So it was no surprise when my boys came up with this:
That's right.  One boy in the box, one boy pushing.  Forcing the box down the hill.  There was no sliding here.

And there's the best way to push!  With your head.  Don't worry it's probably a genetic thing.  From his Dad of course.

I being the brilliant parent that I am, and also slightly careless with our lawn (trying to justify my idea because 'this is better for the lawn than pushing a boy in a box along as it uproots each tiny tuft of grass) I came up with this:

Yep, you see that right.  My sweet daughter going head over heels as she slides down the unfolded box on a tiny scrap of plastic bag (hey, she was having craisins in that bag!  We're upcyclying)

Now we have speed, which turns out isn't so good for the slightly sicker bottom patch of the hill.

This was our last upgrade to the whole sliding-speed continuum.  We tied the bags onto their bottoms and now not only is it the coolest thing to do with a cardboard box, but it's funny too.  Ooh I love that my kids think anything involving the word 'bottom' is funny!

Again, Love, sorry about the lawn.  It was still better for the grass than what they were doing.  Even if there are a few soil divets out of the base of the hill now.  It was probably worth the happiness of your brood, right?

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