September 15, 2015

2 universal truths

In our house, there are 2 universal truths (among others)

1. If there is a spill in any room of the house, I will find it and step in it.

2. If I have a cup of water around (which I do daily), my toddler will drink it and spill it.

This makes it pretty rough to keep my temper, see, as I routinely step in a puddle of water (though we don't discriminate around here: honey, grape juice, nerds are all free game when it comes to what constitutes a 'puddle') only to realize it was my own water that I'm stepping in.  *sigh.

So after getting after my kids for the seemingly 80th time about cleaning up after themselves, picking up what they drop and or kick, and not touching (and unrolling yards at a time of tape) my projects, my voice was razor sharp.  Seeing this, my husband invited me to relax, which was really not the right thing to say, and if my eyes didn't indicate I was furious, my avoidance of him for the next hour did.   In the end, he was right.  I hate swallowing my pride.  Hate it. I'm still kind of getting my back up about this.

Anyway, after all that, and looking forward to a night cleaning up after the churning mess of trash and dishes that threatens to swallow all of us daily, I was feeling pretty frustrated/emotional/hangry.  I sat down to stew with my sweet new baby James (1 mo. old) and he did the most unexpected, sweet thing.

I had him on my shoulder, burping him, when he picked up his wobbly head, turned to face me, and put his open mouth on my cheek slowly, almost intentionally.  This was not rooting.  This was the most controlled neck action I've ever seen from him.  Then he put his nose on my nose, and just breathed there for a while.  I was so surprised, I just kinda laughed.  Then he did it again and again, like he was trying to give me kisses.  Slow, wobbly approach, mouth open and eyes big just kinda kissing my cheek.

It was so gentle and purposeful I cried.  It felt like he was thanking me.  Like somewhere in all that effort was a little love and gratitude for his life.  Maybe for his dinner. I don't know, but the feeling was strong, and perfect for that moment.

Just enough perfection to keep this old momma going for another busy night.

I'm so thankful for him and the sweet miracle he is.  We love having you in our family, sweet baby James.

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