February 25, 2010

Vinyl Restrictions

Last year my hubbin got me a wonderful machine for Valentines day called the Silhouette.  I know, doesn't seem romantic, but rest assured, this craft cutter says nothing but love to me.  It cuts all sorts of things, including vinyl, and knowing this, he gave it with the condition that our house not become 'a Michael's store'.  Funny.  Short of Pottery Barn (and a few others) there's no other place I'd rather be in.  But, he's right.  There's a difference in being there and living there.  No worries.  He would always love to mount a hunting trophy on the wall, and someday that will come in as a handy bargaining chip.  He gets an elk on a wall, and I get total reign over the rest of our house, and Michaels.  Hmmm.  He's a smart man, he is, and he may not go for that.  In the mean time, I've dressed up the wonderful Christmas gift clock that my mother in law gave us with vinyl.  Fuzzy, velvety vinyl at that.

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