May 7, 2014

20 Genius Teacher Appreciation Posters

This year at our school, we had some really creative posters. These ladies (and maybe men, not sure) were rocking the creative caps.  Have a look-see at these guys!

Wizard of Oz poster with the teacher's face instead of Dorthy's.

Math teachers would love this, right?

"One in a Minion"

All-star PE teacher

Candy Bar poster (with the actual candy bars NOT attached to the poster)

You are outta this world (kinda Picasso there)

We think you are FanSTACHEtic

Lucky to have you

I love the poster for the Lunch ladies!  So cute

Even school Psychologists need to be appreciated

You have helped us grow beyond measure

You are one in a million

This poster was literally a work of art.  I know that it took hours, and the mom who made it was indeed an artist.  The woodland theme featured the teacher as a 3-d owl, and all her students as creatures from the forest.  Even the tree was realistic 3-d with a nest popping out to greet you!
Here's a close up:

Amazing talent and gift of time!

Thanks for being the wind in our sails with pinwheels.  So darling!

Pac-Man makes this poster so fun.

Forget Me Not flowers and a great poem.

Simplistic, cute and perfect for younger grades.

This poster was by far one of my favorite.  I tried to preserve the essence of how they photoshopped our Janitor's face on this Superman poster; it was funny and realistic.  It said "Mr. __ is [our] Man of steel"
Totally appropriate.

You are out of this world no. 2

Finally, this last one was the one that I made.  I hope these photos are completely inspiring to you.
 Now go appreciate some teachers!