March 7, 2010

Ink vs. Hairspray

The other day my son stumbled upon my old notary stamp.  As you may know, notaries have to keep their records for LIFE, and this was just a relic from years ago.  When I say stumbled, I mean climbed up my craft desk until he spied and snatched it.  Soon enough I spied him and snatched it away.
The result was a very purple, very official boy.  Because this is permanent ink, I wrote his shirt off as ruined.  Then, on my way to the bathroom trash, I spied this:
I remembered a trick that my resourceful mom taught me: no ink can resist hairspray (well almost no ink).  So, we sprayed it, and look!  After just a few minutes, it's on it's way to clean again, and off to the wash.
It did later come all the way out, no picture, though.  I'm not so patient, after all.

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