March 28, 2011

Terrible Spiders and a Great lesson

Every Monday night, we get together and try to get across some worthy lesson to our kiddos. Tonight for   learned about what it means to be humble (translation for toddlers: not thinking that you're better than others for whatever reason, and befriending those who don't look like you, with a side of 'don't tell mommy and daddy that you know more than them').  My sweet kiddos already know not to mock or jest at others who are disabled (If you can imagine the momma who made her sweet out of control boy apologize to our librarian, you can imagine that they already know not to be unkind) so the lesson was an easy one (especially compared to others where you barely get a word in edge wise before some kind of ruckus pops up).

We then made the cutest (though kinda bland) spiders, because we know that Charlotte, from Charlotte's Web  spun a 'Humble' web for Wilbur.  They totally connected with that one, and loved stirring the dough together.  We rolled out bodies and stuck chow mein noodles in them for legs.  The legs in the middle of all of our spiders represent our baby boy's contribution.  I'd recommend pretzels next time.

*Side note- I HATE spiders.  Truly, I despise their creepy bodies, and their thin legs.  No surprise then, that my sweet Hubby made an anatomically correct (even with the conglomeration of sick sick eyeballs) spider.  I should've popped him one.  He knew it would get me.  He loved it.

If you make something similar, I'd love to hear about it!

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