April 15, 2014

Ice bubbles in all their delight!

Meet the coolest bubbles ever made: Ice bubbles.  You simply go outside on a freezing day (sorry warm zones) and blow bubbles!  The temperature freezes them almost instantly, and you can blow bubbles for your toddlers (or giddy self) to hold!  This was so fun!!

step 1: wait for it to be below 32 degrees Fahrenheit  (I suppose you could slip into a commercial freezer and do this trick).  We did this mid December.

Step 2: blow a few bubbles

Step 3: wait 4.5 seconds for them to freeze

Now watch them pop/crack:

Try to get your cold baby interested.

Get as giddy as a school girl with your toddlers when they realize they just smashed a bubble, and part of it landed on their jacket:

Happiness factor: +1


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  2. Wow, who knew bubble blowing could get EVEN MORE magical?! Ava's mind would be blown! Hah! Cool pics too!


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