April 30, 2014

Late Bloomer

I suppose that as a mom, I can't help but worry about my kids, and one of our boys in particular.  Sometimes he cries when others his age don't, he needs sleep more than our other kids ever did, and he always seems to be in the shadow of his older brother.  I silently wonder if he'll be left behind in any way.

But the other day I was taking the dog out and I noticed  a bloom on my favorite tree (a Magnolia).  I had long awaited the blooms on that tree all winter.  And when they came they were magnificent.  This year they didn't even freeze.  They lasted and now the blooms are done and have fallen to the ground.

But not this one.

And I can't believe how beautiful it is among the leaves that weren't there before. The colors are brilliant together.  Such an unexpected delight.

It's a sweet reminder of what I might have missed if those late bloomers hadn't come around 
when they did. 

I suppose that my boy growing up in his time frame is like that.  Maybe it's a gift from heaven to see things I may not have caught before, and to savor the joy of being his mom.  
Blooming late may not be so bad after all.

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