June 6, 2014

Best Menu Planner Yet

My sister in law dubbed it 'going off half cocked'.  The perfect description for when you know you've needed to restock your fridge for days now, and HAVE to go today.  The problem is you haven't had the time to plan out meals, shopping lists, or (uggh!) coupons.  You go anyway, and end up with enough food to last 3 meals and enough snacks and candy to last the remaining 4 days.

You need a menu planner.  From it you make your grocery list.  Through the week, you consult it when your tired brain can't fathom planning out a meal.  If you haven't tried one, I HIGHLY recommend using one for two weeks.  

So here she is!  
Two weeks of dinners and breakfasts, as well as spaces for lunch ideas, desserts and snack items. 

Find this menu planner here.

Better yet, it's all on one page, and the coordinating grocery list can be printed on the back so you don't lose it in all the pile of newspaper ads and kids drawings that are scattered all over your counters (what, just me? Ok).  


Just go here to download the menu planner and here  to download the shopping list.  Hopefully you'll be better for trying it!

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