June 2, 2014

Kids earning the big bucks

Summer has officially began, and I warned my kids that we weren't going to just kick back, but that we'd work hard and have fun!  We are trying out a new system of earning money and doing chores, originally adapted from this post at 71 toes (a blog I adore).  

In it, you essentially pay your kiddos their age in dollars every week for a completed chart.  The charts include 4 duties per day, and ours are customized to the things I happen to care about most.  The first box is for the 'zone', or the area which they're in charge of cleaning for the day.  This is picked by a spinning wheel (which was easy enough to make). 

Our zone wheel includes cleaning the family room, kids bathroom, scooping dog poo, watering the garden each morning before 8ish, washing drying and folding a load of laundry, and vacuuming one room.  Those chores are great for the ages of my kids, but older kids may need different chores.  Each day they switch.


Once their zone sticker is earned, they complete the other 4 duties and earn stickers for doing so.  They have to clean their bedroom, read for 30 min and finish their "nighttime 3" by the time the timer beeps.  This includes brushing teeth, getting dressed, and going potty.  When that's over we read scriptures, say prayers, and get into bed.  

Except Dan and I.  We get to go another round of cleaning or working until our eyes inch shut in an unreal fight to finish the task or show.

When the kids have filled up their charts with sticker, we get together and pay them for their good deeds.  They can earn as many dollars as years old they are.  If there are 2 or more empty squares, they only get paid half their age.  Though they can earn one sticker for doing something extra special, like practicing a deck of subtraction flash cards, or serving someone.

Today we tried it out, and although I felt like I literally pushed them for every inch we gained, we did it.  And at the dinner table during 'most favorite least favorite', each of the kids said their most favorite was earning stickers.  My jaw dropped.

The good news is that tomorrows zones will be MUCH easier than today's, because we can maintain now instead of picking up all the rocks in Mordor to get this house clean.

I'm praying it will stick!  I'll keep you posted, even if we drop off the charts (ha. I hate puns.) midway.

Have a great Tuesday!

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