June 21, 2014

Shout out to the 80s babies

This post is for all you 80s babies who rocked the shortalls and blue striped daisy dukes years ago.  

My hubby and I went on a date to H&M the other weekend, and found all sorts of completely embarrassing things. I think that I had a pair of each of these when I was a kid.  

At first we were so awkward, feeling like we completely didn't belong there (ok, probably true, but lots of other people our age were there too.  Hmm.)  

But then we just decided to embrace the truth.  
 We met up with our generation gap (my parents had the same lost and concerned looks in their eyes when they saw their own styles making a come back).  I could've even tried these on, just for old time's sake. If only I were ok with the body suit action.  Never. Again.

So just to make myself feel good again about living in 2014, I'm posting my favorite ensemble from Polyvore:

So much better than sunflowers and shortalls, right?
Have a good day!

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