June 10, 2014

Sweet Summer

For whatever reason in the Summer I can pop out of bed early in the morning without a trouble.  But during the school year, it is SUCH a struggle.  I think it may have to do with having to be on a schedule.  I think I resent having to do anything.  Hmm.

Maybe that is the reason that I (all of my family, really) adore summer.  We can get up and go to a splash pad at 8 AM if we want to.  We can spend all the afternoon shopping, and do our vacuuming and haircuts at 10 PM if we feel like it.  It's blissful!

We do still have our zone charts (a fabulous program that I mentioned here) which we do daily, and routines around bedtime, meals, and screen time, and we keep most of our structure.  It's just flexible now and I love that!   I suppose that is a piece of the 'young kids at home' equation that other moms tell me to enjoy.

The other day I was apologizing to my boy for losing my temper with him, and we were both laying down.  The way his face was positioned just right reminded me so much of his younger, chubbier sweet face.  It almost made me cry to see my baby in my big boy.  There is so much good in these kids.  Even if they do make wet toilet paper wads and chuck them at each other in the bathroom.  And they're changing so quickly.

I guess that is the nature of childhood.  Fleeting like the summer, and as refreshing as a day without schedules.  One moment our children are so engrossed in their imagination, making all kinds of realistic battle sounds with their mouths, and the next they're saying things like: "I'll make eggs for breakfast."  Their summers pass so quickly.

I'm so incredibly lucky and thankful for the gift of these Summers in my life.

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