April 23, 2017

beauty may be worth the pain

Finally, this project is complete!  I actually finished it and in the whirlwind didn't post.  I'm sorry!  Your lives go on just fine, though, I realize i'm not holding up anyone's dreams :)

But I'm happy with how it finished!

Am I happy enough to do it again?  Well I still remember the way it felt trying to get it to turn out well.  That was no small feat.  And Don't look closely, or you'll see why.

Notice the pattern painting in on itself in the upper right hand corner here?  Yes, I wanted to just wall paper over it all.  However I was lucky to find that if you just paint it all out, imperfect and iffy, you can just go back over where the blue lines should be, and your eye seams it together as if they're all the same size.  Thank you brain tricks.

Maybe we should call this wall my homage to the 'Magic Eye' books of the 90s.  On a side note, it does make a darling background for me to sell potential etsy products!  We'll see if I've got the energy for this one :)

For now, it's landscaping time, and we're taking this yard to another dimension:

More to come on that next! And by next I mean hopefully with months.  Sorry guys, I know I'm lame, but I do love you!

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