July 27, 2014

Relief Society free Printable

I made this for my sweet sis in law who is teaching a lesson today in the women's class in our Church meetings.  It's called Relief Society, and it's the largest organization in the world for women.  All the lessons are taught by regular ladies who put a lot of prayer and study into their assigned topics.

 I love being there, because I'm surrounded by other women of all ages who are trying to live lives faithful to Jesus Christ and his teachings.  It's no simple task when what's popular is to follow your own way, and focus on yourself instead of serving others and putting your family above your personal interests/gain.  (which I certainly struggle to do, even when I try hard!)

Here is a little printable that hopefully inspires you to keep on in your own efforts to keep your faith:

It's inspiring to be in relief society.  I love the ladies of this organization for their imperfect attempts to be Christ-like, even if it's looked upon by those who don't agree with us as pious or weak.  Truly there is great strength in disciplining yourself to be more kind, more gentle-hearted, and God-fearing.  I think this because I know God is real, which means all the 'keeping the commandments' that we do isn't for naught.  It's worth it and following the Savior changes my life for the better (and by extension others around me).

This freebie is made to print on an 8.5x11, and then be cut into 4 and handed out in a lesson such as Relief Society!  This quote is by Elder Jeffrey R Holland, an apostle.  Find out more about him here.

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