July 12, 2014

Young Women Freebie Printables

My beautiful friend Brooke designed these babies for girls in our church group.  As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, every year the young women in our ward go camping for a week, focusing on increasing spirituality and drawing closer to God.  As part of that, their amazing leaders (a volunteer job that about 10 ladies are asked to do) spend months preparing activities and small gifties to inspire and be applicable to the gals who go.

We are lucky enough to have a graphic design genius in our ward (or group of neighbors that all go to church in the same building).  These are her talented freebies, which she shared with me to post for you!

These printouts focus on Faith, divine nature, individual worth, choice and accountability, integrity, virtue and knowledge and good works.  I'm pretty sure that this year's theme was 'weather any storm'. The first one is meant to go along with a glow stick.

Thanks Brooke!