October 16, 2014

Mommyhood and a movie review

As I was wiping the table off tonight, collecting huge gobs of spilled food and rocks (normal at the dinner table, right?) I realized that these sweet years of chaotic littles and their treasures won't be long.

We just saw meet the Mormons, which is a movie about who Mormons are and what makes them tick.  (see the trailer)  I truly think they captured an honest sense of who LDS people are. I know more people like the 6 families featured in the film than I can count. It was beautiful to me and made me want to do something amazing or really be amazing at something. My sweet hubby laughed at me and sincerely said 'honey, you already do amazing things'. While I don't see it, it made me want to do amazing things with the talents god has blessed me with.

 In the movie, the missionary mom watches her boy grow up and then prepare and leave for a mission.  You see her past and the choices that meant she had him when she was 16.  Their story continues in pictures right up until his mission.  It's amazingly fast.  And It isn't long for me either. Our oldest is 8, and it seems like just a few months ago that I was coaching myself in my head, thinking 'if I can just get her to 8, I'll have it made'.  Check on part one, not so much part two.

Anyhow, I loved the movie. I was inspired by the simple acts that brought greatness to the lives of each person in the film, and I recognize that their faith in Jesus Christ motivated that in each case.

I hope you take the chance to go see it.

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