February 23, 2017

Stencil Factory

We just moved into our new home, and couldn't be more excited!  We love the area, the people in our neighborhood and the big back yard (that will take a pretty penny to landscape, not my favorite part).

We built with Journey's End Homes, which was an amazing experience for so many reasons.  Chiefly because 1. They're totally honest 2. They only do 3 homes at a time, so they're really on top of things 3. You don't work through any agents, rather directly with the builder (who is so great at what he does) and 4. They really try to make what you want the biggest deal.  We were totally taken care of, and they even let us do our own sub contracting (I put in the board and batten!).  There's plenty there for a whole other post.

Now that we are in our new home (pictures to come) I'm trying to stencil a wall, the only accent wall in the main space.  Of course I'm too picky to just use one from hobby Lobby and I'm too cheap to order one from Etsy, so I made my own design.  This one:

I plan to do some of the arrows in a third color, hopefully it achieves the effect I'd like.  Speaking of, buying all the paint at the local restore (habitat for humanity) kind makes that tricky.

So, being the cheap gal that I am (remember no etsy?) I tried to use the plastic cover of my 2x24 silhouette mat as the stencil.  Go ahead, I'm laughing too.  Pretty much a novice mistake.  This is what happened:

It was like trying to stencil with a plastic soda can ring.  Baaaaad.  So, my next idea is to make the stencil out of one of these bad boys:

A for rent sign!  It's just light weight enough that my silhouette can likely cut it and just heavy enough that it will make a thick stencil hang right.

Hopefully tonight I'll have updates on this project for you. 

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