February 24, 2017

It's getting real in here

So if you remember I posted a couple of days ago about trying to figure out how to create my own stencil equipped with My Silhouette machine and paint.

My first attempt was terrible, as the plastic was too thin and totally failed. Not to be deterred I went to my local Ace Hardware and found a 'for rent' plastic sign that had a good weight and was easy to cut with my Silhouette.
Hold on I shouldn't say easy, I should say complicated, but easy if you know what you're doing. What I found that was NOT necessary was
cutting my stencil 3 times with a double cut.
What did work was cutting my stencil one time and then detaching the insides of the stencil from the outline with a very gentle peeling motion.

The plastic cut surprisingly easy, which is also a word of caution.

 After figuring that out, I went ahead and tried out my stencil, which was a total failure AGAIN.  The reason being this time I did not use removable spray adhesive on the stencil.

Also, I am no stenciling major, so the lines were super goopy.  After lunch and fighting kids and two trips to school -- no 3 trips to school to help kiddos to bring them home, I found my way to Jo-Ann's, bought the spray adhesive I needed and now the stencil works!

It's actually quite beautiful but the crisp lines weren't there and my perfectionist mind is going to need to do something more to tidy up that mess.

In the end (of today) I'm only about a fourth of the way through the project and though I like it, I'm disheartened. I don't even know why I do crafty things sometimes. It takes literally everything I have to achieve anything that looks professional and my whole family suffers.  A friendly reminder, "there's a time and a season" comes to mind, but honestly it's just the pits and that's all I can say with my mom mouth.

 I'm sure things will be better tomorrow and when I get that stinking wall done I'm going to click my heels together and take a picture of myself with it...to remind myself never to do it again.

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