April 24, 2014

Soccer Moms Unite!

What is going on with all the Soccer moms who don't give out any secrets to making crazy Spring soccer manageable?  We're in our 2nd half of soccer seasn, and I just figured out how to keep my 3 small kiddos warm at the FREEZING matches. 

 It's one thing to get out there and play soccer with a jacket on under your jersey (also discovered that tip on my own, after wearing the jacket on top of the uniform).   It's another thing entirely to brave the wind and cold rain while sitting on the sidelines.  And we happen to have games and practices right during the dinner hour.  So, here is our solution: delicious ham and potato soup!

Dinner and hand warmer in one.

Pour it into a mason jar, and pack them into the lunch cooler.  Done!

And while this sweet boy is kicking away,
we are happily eating our warm dinner.  Warmer on the inside and warmer on the outside, 
and soccer star here gets to eat as soon as his game ends.  

Now take that idea to your soccer game and let the other Mommas know!  
Then maybe their kids won't come home crying from red hands and cold noses.

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