May 8, 2014

Best dentists in the state

This weekend this sweet girl notified me of a painful bump on her gum. 

At first I thought it might be a snaggle tooth growing above her baby tooth.  Wrong, it was an abscess.  I called first thing Monday, and our wonderful and very busy dentists got her right in.

That terrible bump was painful for a good reason!  I thought for sure that we were looking at a root canal (do they even do those on kids?)  Instead (thankfully) our dentist was able to treat it in a cheaper, less invasive way.  She didn't even wince with the whole process.  She's brave, but our dentists are good.  Really good.

Then we went home.  Enter this sweet girl:

She so excited to see us (she is a puppy) she jumped up and clocked this sweet little boy with her head:

You may see teary eyes because it knocked his front teeth loose!  I was so mad!  Through the tears and bleeding gums, he was just sad that Piper hurt him.  So we called the dentist back (literally we had left just 15 minutes before).  They took us right in AGAIN *they are busy people.  This is no small thing.

Luckily they didn't have to pull them, and we're hoping these teeth don't die and turn gray.  

Can you see the delight on his face?  It's because he got 2 more (besides the 1 for coming with his sister earlier) coins to spend at the coin-op toy machines.

Thank goodness for the toy machines.  This patient baby looks mighty manly too,  with the prize from his coin.

So funny!  I loved that it was blonde, such a natural fit.  

All in all our dentists saved the day.  And Piper 'kissed' my sad boy's hand to apologize, so he was reassured that she actually loves him. That's important to him *melt my heart.

In case you wish you had such a family dentist:
Read more about our fabulous dentists here.  

While we love them, we're happy to stay away for at least 6 months.

(Obviously they didn't pay me in any way to write this.  Sheer gratitude did that)

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