May 10, 2014

What a Mom wants

Finding a beautiful gift for the woman in your life can be daunting.  Especially if that woman is a mom and has put the needs of others before her own for so long that when you ask what she wants, she vaguely replies "I don't know".  And truly she doesn't have an idea.

That's because ain't nobodoy got time for that.  She's not sitting around drooling over catalogs and fabulous finds that would really help her life be easier.  She's balancing work, kids' needs, making time for the love in her life, and still needs to dry her hair before blasting out the door to meet the day.

If she had time, she might come up with some of these finds.  Trust me, she'll thank you:

With all the vintage love that has been circulating, it makes sense that the birthstone trend is back.  We want to treasure our littles even while they're little.

These are handmade on Etsy, by a seller who has plenty of experience, and will include a silver initial disc at the top if you like for a small cost.  Pick the birthstones by using the guide on the listing.  Visit The Pea Pod Place here.

If your woman doesn't seem to be the sentimental type, give her a more simplistic modern design:
both necklaces are found on Etsy and cost about the same.  Visit Robyndesigned for more info.

The last jewelry gift that deserves to be mentioned here:

Statement necklace for trendy gals.  Theses have been on the wish list for a while now. 

For the Cook:
If you are an adult, you probably have to prepare food at some point, and these knives will change how you do it.  I know that some women don't even know what they're missing here, but 

these.knives.are.wonderful!  And they're cute.  

You can also buy Comanchi knives piece by piece.  I recommend starting with the pink one (not pictured here) for cheese and tomatoes.  Find them on

For the camper: 

Do you know a woman whose hands aren't almost always cold?  We are almost always colder than our larger masculine counterparts, and that makes camping quite miserable at night.  Enter the solution:
Exothermic hand warmers, which will warm  your extremities for more than an hour (enough time to send you off to dream land) are a miracle product.  The next morning, wake up, boil them for 5 minutes, and they're ready to go again.  REUSABLE!  I love these and have hide them from my kids often.  Also they're only around 4.00!

Visit for more info.

For the gardner:

Seed bombs from Crate and Barrel.  You just toss them and where they land, they grow.  Easy enough!  And they attract all sorts of pollinators from birds to bees. Get ready for a beautiful season!

Also from crate and Barrel, a beauty to plant those bombs in:
Find it here.

For the craftress

the best product for paper crafting on the market out there. 
I love my Cameo, and if you have noticed on the blog already, I use it all the time.

And, if your lady friend already has a paper cutter, I recommend these:

Martha Stewart glitter pack.  She'll know what to do with it, but if she needs ideas, print these off for her:

For the avid reader
A Sarah Eden book.  They have been 'all the rage' for several months.  The first and most popular in her recent series is Longing for Home

Apparently any of the books in this series are amazing.  Read reviews here.

Finally for the foodie! Try these on for size:

Gourmet sea salts, including smoked or infused flavors, natural salts from around the world and more.  She'll love cooking with the different varieties.   Visit Salt farm for more info.

If she's on a diet, well, poor soul, give her these treats that will be almost as eating them:

Cinnamon bun SOAP!  Which looks, and smells like the real deal.  
She'll get a kick out of it.  Find cinnamon bun soaps here.

If you haven't found a gift by now, go with an Etsy gift card, or take her out to a fancy dinner.  Just a little bit of forethought will do it.

Happy Mothers day to all of you Mommas out there!

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