November 17, 2014

Best stocking stuffers under $5

I believe some of the cheapest (or maybe most frugal?) people live in Utah.  I love Utah, and I claim it as my own, but really, I'm very accustomed to people (even myself *yikes) saying "Oh I could totally make that", about something that is already decently priced.  So, we're cheap.  And talented to make stuff at home.

Because of that cheapness, when it comes to stocking stuffers (while most people think size) I think dollar signs.  I want it to be like dollar store cheap to get into a stocking.  So, for all my like-minded friends, here is a glorious list to keep you under budget this Christmas

Finger Puppets - 3.00 shipped

There are even cheaper versions of these.  Just follow the link and related searches will give you options down to a dollar!  At the least these are brilliant for keeping kids quite in church.  But be careful, they come by slow boat from China.  I'd order 2-3 weeks ahead of time.

Adult Watches - 3.58 shipped
So cheap!  And they may fall apart, I'm not sure, but I know that these silicone ones are good:

Head Massager - 1.95 shipped
This could be a very funny white elephant gift too, if you put the right note with it, but as for receiving one, they are WONDERFUL!  They feel so good, just don't massage your head in public.  That's kinda weird.

I just have to mention that this would be the perfect companion to that gift for a white elephant.  I think we may just have to put together the perfect old person gift set.

Knuckle Massager - 1.85 shipped
I know that some unfortunate soul out there was told to buy one of these by their orthopedist.  Oh, but it's funny!  I just hope the packaging has that picture on it, and a good set of instructions.

Ok this is more of a gift you'd give a kid (because if they mess them up it's ok).  I've bought several pair of really cheap ear buds, and the only thing that seems to make them different from my more expensive pair is that we take care of the more expensive ones.

Stylus' for ipads and phones - 1.25 Shipped
My hubby bought some of these for me as an addition to a new tech gift he gave me, and they work wonderfully!  It's a 5 pack, which is great, because all of our kids want to draw on the ipad with them, and now they can all have their own to use during quiet time.  It's good to stuff in the old stocking for a teenager too.

Only Thinkgeek would give it a name like that.  Regardless, it's an awesome gift for a kid.  Particularly a boy.  These are excellent, and if you wait for think Geek's free shipping sales, they're only 2.99!

While you're at, check these hand warmers out!  We actually bought these on a sale, and got several packs for 4.99 (they do these sales near Christmas time so watch out for them!).  They are so cool!  Because it is a chemical reaction, you can come home from your campout, toss the used warmers into a boiling pot of water for 5 minutes, and they return to their liquid state, making the warming possible all over again!

More items will join this list soon, but as for now, I hope some of your stockings are stuffed with more than just candy!  Thanks for reading, and remember to read the reviews (especially on the head massager) as they are really quite hilarious.

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